historic. steadfast.

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When the Myre and Christell families purchased The Water Street Inn in 2014,  previously known as "The Evergreen Beach Hotel", they became only the third owner of the hotel since its first foundation was laid in 1896. 

So much of Ephraim features a distinct lack of interchangeable parts, and the hotel's character is no different. The Inn still reverently and admiringly faces Eagle Harbor. After all, it is this water that has given everything to the hotel. Wood for the frame was sailed here from Michigan on the "Ebenezer", its early admirers and guests ferried in, and for decades, even it's ice for the summers was cut from the harbor in the winter.

Today, often amidst applause from admirers on shore, every spectacular sunset on the harbor casts a new light on the historical white exterior of the The Water Street Inn. It's an old tradition that feels new every day. And while the recent years have seen the addition of modern amenities, the hope of The Water Street Inn remains that any new generations these pleasantries attract will come and discover the elusive truth that is uniquely ever-present in Ephraim: Every moment of time is a gift – one that can be savored if we find a way to lose track of it.

The Water Street Inn was established with a vision of reviving this architectural treasure and reinstating its place as a landmark property in the charming bay community of Ephraim.